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DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002

Size: 240*250*1110(mm)
Weight: 2.3(kg)
Delivery date: 45 days
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Product Description

Function type dry type
Rated voltage 22.2V, 25.9V, 29.6V
Rated power 200w-380w (+ / - 10W)
Vacuum degree (kPa) ≥ 22kPa
Suction power (W) 26W
Efficiency > 13%
Noise ≤ 76 (SPL)
Filtration system plastic filter + sponge + Hepa
Dust collection capacity (L) 0.35L
Battery parameters 2000mAh
Charging time about 4.5H
Discharge time low gear--30 min
middle gear--20 min
high gear--10 min

The DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002  (240*250*1110) is designed to help you keep your home or work space clean and tidy. It features a high-quality motor with a long lifespan. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a suction power of 26W and a rated voltage of 22.2V, 25.9V, 29.6V.It has an efficiency rate of more than 13%. Its noise level is 76 decibels (SPL).
The DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 is a portable device that can be used to clean the dust in your home. It has a power of 26W and is powered by a 22.2V, 25.9V, 29.6V battery. The vacuum degree of this product is 22kPA and it can handle dirt up to 13%.
DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 has a noise level of ≤ 76dB which makes it easy to use and does not disturb the user’s sleep or work. The DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter weighs 2.3kg, making it easy for you to carry around the house when cleaning.
You've got a big job to do, and you need a vacuum that can handle it. The DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 is the perfect tool for your needs.
Weighing in at just 2.3 kg, this vacuum cleaner is incredibly lightweight, but don't let that fool you—it still packs a powerful punch! With its 22.2V, 25.9V, or 29.6V rating (depending on which model you choose), this vacuum cleaner is ready to tackle any mess you throw at it. And if there's no mess around? That's fine too; it will keep your home looking great by automatically adjusting its suction power based on whether or not you're vacuuming an area with lots of dust or dirt.
And even though this DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 is so light and easy to use, it still comes with some great features: It has a 21kPa suction power rating and an efficiency rate of over 13%, so whatever kind of messes you have around your house will get cleaned up quickly and easily! You can also rest assured that this vacuum won't be too loud—it'll only reach about 76 decibels (SPL).
If you're looking for
The DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 is a great option for anyone looking to get rid of dust and dirt in their home. It's lightweight, easy to use, and has a plastic filter that will last you years.
The vacuum has a rating of 22.2V, 25.9V, 29.6V and can be used with all three voltages. It comes with a powerful motor that provides 26W of suction power and an efficiency rate of > 13%.
This vacuum cleaner is also quiet—you won't disturb your neighbors while you're cleaning up. The noise level is less than 76dB(A), which means it won't wake up sleeping children or make the dog bark!

Suzhou Royal cleanland
Electric Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Royal cleanland Electric Co., Ltd. was established in June 2016. It is a professional China DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 suppliers and OEM/ODM DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 factory, we are specializing in electric mop and vacuum cleaner. The factory is located in Linhu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, which is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake. It covers an area of 9000 square meters and has 150 employees, including 30 engineering technicians and management personnel. The company adheres to the core values of "integrity, unity, enterprising, innovation and dedication", adheres to the service tenet of "users are God, quality and reputation is life", and produces high-quality custom DC Vacuum cleaner with plastic filter VC2002 with excellent quality to meet the needs of customers.
With the development of science and technology, and the survival of quality, for more than two years, under the care and persistence of the majority of new and old customers, our company has won a certain degree of integrity in the industry. New century, extraordinary challenges, perfect equipment, unique products, excellent manufacturing technology and outstanding technology, our company enjoys a high reputation. our commitment, your satisfaction is our pursuit.
Suzhou Royal cleanland Electric Co., Ltd. is willing to cooperate with you hand in hand to create brilliant tomorrow!

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