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Size: 1095*335*210(mm)
Weight: 1.86(kg)
Delivery date: 45 days
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Product Description

Rating Voltage DC 7.4V
Rating Power 30W (+/-10W)
Noise ≤73
Dust Capacity 140ML
Battery Type Li-ion battery
Battery parameter 2000mAh*2
Charge time 4.5H
spin speed 70-100rpm
mop dimension 170mm
spouting velocity 0.61ML/Shot
Discharge time dry towing>50min
wet towing>30min
Various speed control NO
Electric sprinkler NO
Charge adapter parameter 9.5V--500mA
Battery pack can be repaced NO
Floodlight YES

This waxing and moping machine M1908 with floodlight is a waxing and moping machine with floodlight. It has a size of 1095*335*210(mm), a weight of 1.86(kg), a rating voltage DC 7.4V, a rating power 30W (+/-10W), and a noise ≤73. Its dust capacity is 140ML, its battery type is Li-ion battery, its battery parameter is 2000mAh*2, its charge time is 4.5H, its spin speed is 70-100rpm, and its mop dimension is 170mm. The spouting velocity of this machine is 0.61ML/Shot. The discharge time of this machine is dry towing>50min and wet towing>30min
It is compact, weighing 1.86 kilograms and measuring 1095mm x 335mm x 210mm.
The waxing and moping machine M1908 with floodlight has been designed to be used for both waxing and mopping. It has a 30-watt motor with +/-10 watts of power, which means it will run smoothly across any surface with ease.
The noise level of this machine is below 73 decibels, so even if you're using it in an office setting or other quiet place, you shouldn't have any trouble hearing yourself think over the hum of its motor.
It holds 140 milliliters of dust at one time, which will let you clean for longer before having to empty out your container. It also comes equipped with two lithium ion batteries that can last up to 4 hours on a single charge—an impressive amount of time compared to most competing models!
This waxing and moping machine M1908 with floodlight also has a spin speed between 70 and 100 revolutions per minute (rpm), allowing you to clean faster than ever before without sacrificing quality! And since it has an automatic dry/wet switch built into its handle, there's no need to worry about getting wet when using this product—just turn on
A floodlight is added to the waxing and moping machine, making it easier to clean the floor in places that are hard to reach. The floodlight illuminates the area that needs cleaning and makes it easy for you to see where you're going when you're mopping up.

Suzhou Royal cleanland
Electric Co., Ltd.

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