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Working principle and function of vacuum cleaner

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to use the high speed running of the motor to suck in the external air from the suction port, so that the caisson can generate vacuum. The dust will be sucked into the filter screen in the caisson through the floor brush or pipe. The dust will remain in the filter screen and the filtered air will enter the motor. This filter screen is a barrier to protect the motor from damage.
The vacuum cleaner can be compressed under vacuum. When the seasons change, many families need to collect bedding and other items. Sometimes, items occupy large storage space and become damp and moldy. When families have a vacuum cleaner, it becomes easier. First, put them into a plastic sealed bag, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air in the plastic bag, and then seal the bag tightly.

Use the vacuum cleaner to find small objects. Many times, we often fall down some very small objects, such as buttons, tablets, bottle caps, sewing needles, etc. Especially for the old people with poor eyesight, it is very difficult for them to find these small things with their naked eyes. But if there is a vacuum cleaner, it can be found easily. First, wrap the suction pipe mouth of the vacuum cleaner with a layer of thin gauze, then select the appropriate wind force according to the size of the object. After the power is turned on, use the suction pipe mouth to sweep back and forth around the area where the object was lost, and the dropped object will soon be adsorbed on the gauze.
The vacuum cleaner cleans the household appliances. Families generally have TV sets, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners and other electrical appliances. If people clean and dust the interior of electrical appliances manually, it is not only troublesome but also easy to damage the components of electrical appliances. How to use the vacuum cleaner to carry out daily maintenance for electrical appliances and remove the dust inside and outside the electrical appliances. First unplug the power plug of the electrical appliance, open and remove the electrical enclosure according to the instructions, use a straw of appropriate shape to stretch into the electrical appliance to remove the dust, then use a hair dryer to remove the moisture, and finally install the enclosure.