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Problems to be noticed when purchasing vacuum cleaner

1. The rated input power must match the rated capacitance of the user's family, generally below 1500 watts.
2. The appliance nameplate shall have complete electrical parameters (power voltage, power property symbol, power frequency, power manufacturer or trademark, etc.).
3. The packing boxes of vacuum cleaners produced by regular manufacturers must be neat and firm, the instructions, certificates of conformity and warranty certificates must be complete, the accessories must be complete, the appearance is smooth and beautiful.
4. All parts of the vacuum cleaner shall be tightly connected, especially at the junction of the dust collection part and the power part. The inspection method is: start the power switch, close to the joint with your hand. If there is no feeling of air leakage, the tightness is good, otherwise it is poor. The vacuum cleaner with poor sealing not only has poor dust collection effect, but also consumes a lot of electricity.

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5. The vacuum cleaner is driven by the motor to produce a negative pressure. Therefore, when identifying its dust removal performance, turn on the power supply and close to the dust suction port with your hand, which has a clear suction (to the box). The greater the suction, the better the dust or water absorption effect of the appliance. Otherwise, it is not.
6. Now the power lines of horizontal vacuum cleaners have the function of automatic rewinding. Try to pull out a section of power lines and press the rewind button to check whether the action is sensitive and reliable.
7. The minimum noise of the vacuum cleaner is preferred.
8. Check whether the vacuum cleaner to be purchased has 3C certification mark.