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Cleaning method of vacuum cleaner hose

With the diversification of Chinese consumers' family living space, the home environment has become more complex: the living room and bedroom are often covered with floors, a warm and stylish carpet is often added beside the sofa or desk, and the kitchen and bathroom are the world of floor tiles... The complex home environment not only challenges the functions of cleaning tools, At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements on whether the same tool can be targeted to achieve deep cleaning.
Whether it is a household vacuum cleaner or an industrial vacuum cleaner, the dust and waste absorbed by it can be transported to the trash can through the hose, so the performance of the hose is related to the normal use of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner usually absorbs some dust, powder, debris, particles, etc. Under high pressure and high speed operation, their wear force is actually very large. Therefore, when selecting hoses, we must pay attention to those with strong wear resistance. In addition, in order to make the use of the vacuum cleaner more convenient and flexible, it is necessary to select softer hoses. In addition to the above two points, we should also pay attention to the toughness and smoothness of hoses when selecting hoses. The higher the toughness, the longer the service life and the better the finish, which can effectively and quickly transport garbage.

The vacuum cleaner is mainly used for vacuuming, so its hose is easy to get dirty. If it takes a long time, it will affect the transportation of garbage. In severe cases, the hose will be blocked. Therefore, the hose should be cleaned frequently to ensure the normal use of the vacuum cleaner. Then let's learn how to clean this part of the vacuum cleaner hose. We can use a rag to wipe the outside of the vacuum cleaner. However, cleaning the vacuum cleaner hose is more difficult, but the most direct and effective way is to directly use the tap to wash, and use the impact of the water in the tap to wash the dust.