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How to use the cordless vacuum cleaner?

Although the vacuum cleaner is a commonly used cleaning tool, some families have not bought a vacuum cleaner and do not know how to use it, so they will have a "fear" mentality, fearing that it will not be used well, so it is better to use a broom. In fact, this is not the case. It is not complicated to use a wireless vacuum cleaner. You only need to understand these usage strategies, and it will be handy to use, and it will be more effective in handling housework.
1. When we get a wireless vacuum cleaner, we must first read the instruction manual. After all, the above usage methods and common problems are all there, and the explanation is very detailed. However, some instruction manuals do not have pictures and texts, and the impression is not so good. Read carefully to learn how to use and avoid unnecessary damage.

Vacuum cleaner with hepa filter VC601
2. Before use, we first check whether there is any problem with the parts and casing of the cordless vacuum cleaner, whether the power cord is damaged, whether the casing is loose, etc. When using it, you can adjust the suction gear according to the degree of dust and dirt. Of course, many household vacuum cleaners now have the function of automatically adjusting gears, which is also very convenient.
3. During use, we avoid using the vacuum cleaner to absorb liquids (except wet and dry), sharp objects and large objects, etc. After vacuuming, clean the dust bag or dust cup in time and place it in a dry environment.