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What if the vacuum cleaner has no suction?

Vacuum cleaners are still used frequently in daily life, which can not only save time for cleaning, but also make the room clean. Vacuum cleaners have super cleaning ability and are very popular among people. However, after all, it's an electrical appliance, and it will encounter some problems in use. We have all encountered when the suction of the vacuum cleaner is not strong. What should we do about this situation?
1. First, check whether the dust compartment and bag inside the vacuum cleaner are installed correctly. If the vacuum cleaner has not been cleaned for a long time, there is too much dust in the area, which seriously affects the suction of the vacuum cleaner. Just clean up the dust in time.
2. Check whether the drain pipe of the vacuum cleaner is tightly covered. This step greatly affects the suction of the vacuum cleaner.
3. Check whether the hose and stainless steel elbow of the vacuum cleaner are normal, take them down, and flush them to the faucet. If the water comes out normally, there is no fault in this respect.

Vacuum cleaner with hepa filter VC601
4. Through the above inspection, if there is no problem, you can automatically buckle the hose from the square mouth, open the vacuum cleaner and block the interface with the whole palm to check whether there is suction. This part is the most easily blocked part of the whole vacuum cleaner.
5. Check the motor part of the vacuum cleaner, stand upside down to see if the suction port is blocked by sundries, and clean it up in time.
6. Finally, we can also check whether the motor of the vacuum cleaner is blocked. In the same way, clean up the sundries in time.
To help the vacuum cleaner clean the house, we should also clean the vacuum cleaner regularly, so as to ensure the normal work of the vacuum cleaner and prolong its service life.