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How to choose a wireless vacuum cleaner?

1. Check whether it is convenient to use: the experience of using the vacuum cleaner is very important. Many times, although the vacuum cleaner you bought is very good, but the experience is not good, so it will be thrown into the corner after a long time. use. Therefore, when choosing a wireless vacuum cleaner, you must first consider whether the machine is easy to use or not.
2. Battery life: Although the body of the wireless vacuum cleaner is small, the battery life without wires has become a big problem. Usually, the whole house is cleaned together, and the cleaning is completed for at least 1 hour. However, some wireless vacuum cleaners have low battery life. After cleaning the living room, they must be charged. It is very troublesome to charge for a few hours. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a high battery life. The quality of the battery life depends on the capacity of the battery, the type of battery, and the charging speed.

3. Look at the vacuuming ability: In addition to the user experience, the suction effect of the wireless vacuum cleaner is also very important. After all, the purpose of buying a vacuum cleaner is to clean the dust. To judge the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner, it should mainly be considered from the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and the material of the filter screen.

4. Look at the detailed design requirements: After understanding the vacuuming ability, the next step is to consider some details of the hand-held vacuum cleaner. In addition to the good vacuuming effect, a good wireless vacuum cleaner is also very important for easy and comfortable use, which depends on its additional functions and brush heads.