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Is there a difference between a mite removal device and a mite removal vacuum cleaner?

Is there a difference between a mite removal device and a mite removal vacuum cleaner? The following household vacuum cleaner brands will introduce to you:
Mite remover:
Mite removal instrument (also known as dust mite controller or mite removal machine, ultrasonic mite removal instrument), the mite removal instrument can generate ultrasonic waves up to 40000Hz (Hertz) that the human ear cannot hear. It resonates so as to effectively inhibit the feeding and reproduction process in the life cycle of dust mites, thereby reducing the density of dust mites and allergens in the space, reducing allergies and asthma attacks, and being harmless to humans and pets, thereby solving the existing problems in the prior art. In fact, many years of clinical scientific research have proved that the ultrasonic mite remover can effectively control dust mite allergies. Studies have shown that the use of mites has proved to be the best effective therapy in the prevention and treatment of allergic diseases caused by mites. When using, place the mite remover close to the place where dust mites are easy to breed, such as: next to the bed, next to the carpet, next to the sofa and chair, its operation is simple, and it can be used after plugging in.

 Mite removal vacuum cleaner:
 The first generation of the mite removal vacuum cleaner, in addition to removing the surface dust of household items, is also equipped with 3 beaters, which can beat out the bacteria and mites hidden in the inner layer of household items, and then use 2 UV germicidal lamps to remove the bacteria. and mites are completely killed, and these residues and the excrement they leave behind are all sucked into the machine.
 The second generation of the mite removal vacuum cleaner is equipped with 4 beaters, which can effectively beat mites and pet dander, effectively kill mites, and completely remove dust and bacteria. The motor power is increased to 600 watts, and the powerful vacuum drive suction force can thoroughly dedust and sterilize every corner of the room. Use the DC motor with powerful flapping function and three flapping heads to beat out and vacuum all kinds of harmful bacteria infiltrating the bed.
The double-tube UV-C ultraviolet germicidal lamp and reflector are set in the front/rear position of the suction port, which instantly sterilizes various harmful bacteria and dust that live in beds, sofas, carpets, quilts, etc. HEPA filter, efficient vacuuming! It is used to filter particles with a particle size greater than 0.3μm in the air, and the filtration efficiency is as high as 99.97%