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How to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner?

1. Look at the brand: Since the design, technology and manufacturing of small handheld vacuum cleaners are relatively mature, some domestic brands and products are very good, and the technology is trustworthy.
2. Look at the appearance: the appearance of the handheld vacuum cleaner is more fashionable, and the color is brighter. When purchasing the product, you should carefully check the appearance of the vacuum cleaner, pay special attention to the external material and manufacturing level, and try to choose a solid shell without peculiar smell and scratches. A product that is flat and even at all seams.
3. Look at the power: The power of hand-held vacuum cleaners is generally relatively low. When purchasing, it is best to give priority to products with a power of about 1000w. Such power products should be able to handle the cleaning of ordinary households.

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