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Usage and precautions of vacuum cleaner

I. Precautions for using vacuum cleaner

1. When using the vacuum cleaner, we should pay attention not to block the motor mouth with foreign matters to avoid burning the motor. 2 Put the dust filter bag in place, otherwise the dust will enter the room, which is not worth the loss.

3. Do not use chemical water to wipe the surface of the machine body to avoid cracks.

4. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb foreign particles such as kerosene, glass, matches, lime, gypsum powder, wall powder, etc., or it will lead to clogging of the filter bag or filter screen, and burning of the motor.


II. Usage of vacuum cleaner

1. Open the package and connect the hoses and hard pipes. Do not install them in the wrong order, or they will cause great trouble. We must pay special attention to this.

2. Connect the power supply and check whether the vacuum cleaner leaks, so that you can use it conveniently.

3. Then I will clean the house if it is not clean.