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Classification of electric mops

At present, the mainstream electric mops on the market mainly include drum type, two-wheel rotary type and reciprocating type. The cleaning effect and efficiency are definitely a hundred times stronger than manual mops.
1. Roller type
Most of the drum type is a combination of suction and mopping. The clean water tank sprays clean water in real time, the scraper scrapes off the dirty sewage, and the sewage enters the sewage tank. The whole cleaning process only needs to add clean water, and finally dump the sewage tank. No need to clean the mop, typical of dirty hands:
2. Double wheel rotary
This kind of mop adopts high-speed counter-rotation of double runners, which produces strong friction and grip, and strong decontamination. Generally, it is a combination of wet and dry mopping, but the effect of dry mopping is general, because it does not generate suction, it just wipes the floor. It will feel like a child painting on the ground; the effect of wet mopping is not bad, but the middle position of the two mops is easy to form a blind spot, and sometimes it needs to be mopped several times; it is equipped with a self-cleaning bucket, which is also more convenient to clean. Can also be used for storage.
3. Reciprocating
Using high-frequency vibration technology, it simulates the reciprocating wiping of human hands, and the cleaning effect is more thorough. But this kind of mop is a category that I don't recommend very much. The biggest reason is that the mop cannot clean itself. The electric mop we want should at least mop the floor cleanly, not tiring to mop, and do not need to wash the mop by hand. A little less will greatly reduce the sense of happiness.
4. Steam mop
Here I have classified the steam mop as a separate category. It is actually more like a vacuum cleaner companion, which is used to deeply clean the floor of dust, dander, particulate matter, bacteria, mites, etc. Using high temperature steam jet, it can kill 99.9% of microorganisms and bacteria without disinfectant. It is also recommended for friends who have babies at home and who have high requirements for floor cleanliness.