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Cordless electric mop is better than ordinary mop

Cordless electric mop is better than ordinary mop
Because traditional mops are inconvenient to use, more and more people are choosing to use wireless electric mops. It saves time and effort, and reduces the pain of mopping in the past. The Sapphire electric mop can allow everyone to mop the floor upright, free from the pain of hunched over, and it is very easy and efficient to clean. So which is better to use electric mop or ordinary mop?
1. Cloth mop
The cloth mop can be said to be the earliest mop. The biggest disadvantage is that we need to manually clean and dehydrate. Mopping the floor is a labor-intensive housework. If you have to clean the mop, it will take more energy, and it is easy to breed bacteria. In all aspects, it is not practical. Not a good choice either.
2. Flat mop
The flat mop has a relatively large area, and now there is a disposable mop. After wiping the floor, there is no need to clean the mop, just throw it away, which is more convenient and saves trouble. However, it is necessary to bend over to mop the floor, and it is easy to put pressure on the waist over time, which has limitations.
3. Electric mop
Electric mops are good at improving all the shortcomings. There are many brands of electric mops on the market. There is no need to bend over, cleaning is efficient, and there is no water stains after mopping, which saves time and effort. The royalcleanland electric mop uses high-frequency double-rotating wheels to clean, uses two high-torque motors and upgrades the motor power, rotates at a high speed of 200 rpm for 1 minute, and scrubs three times a second. The effect of cleaning the floor is very efficient.