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Do bed vacuum cleaners work

We spend about eight hours in bed every day. Sleeping is naturally the most comfortable thing, but if the bed is not cleaned well, we will not sleep well and affect our normal work and life. The most effective way to clean your bed apart from sun exposure is to use a vacuum cleaner.

As a result, there is a bed vacuum cleaner. Which brand of bed vacuum cleaner is good? In fact, we can also call it a mite removal vacuum cleaner. After all, in addition to dust, dander and fibers, the most are mites and their excrement. It seems that mites are the most lethal. There is indeed a kind of mites that can cause skin diseases in humans, but most of the mites on the bed are dust mites, which rely on eating human waste keratin for hygiene.

Not only on the bed, in fact, there will be a certain number of mites on the surface of everyone's skin. As long as the balance is maintained, they are generally harmless and can be removed without needing to be removed. However, if you have a more serious skin disease or allergic rhinitis, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the sheets more, as the mites will still affect these two groups of people.