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With the vacuum cleaner, I opened the door to a new world

Today, the vacuum cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool for every household. In particular, the wireless vacuum cleaner can not only clean the ground very conveniently, but also clean the dust above the desktop, sofa, wardrobe and other ground. Compared with the cleaning robot, it can only clean the ground, and the vacuum cleaner is favored by more cleaning experts.
However, if you only know the surface cleaning "work" of the vacuum cleaner, you are wrong! You must know that the cleaning principle of the vacuum cleaner is to generate a strong negative pressure value through the operation of the motor, so as to absorb the dust. We can use this to help us better solve some of the little troubles in our lives.
Example 1: Finding something with a vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner has strong suction power and is filtered layer by layer. Many small particles can be easily sucked away, and it is difficult to escape the "French Net" of the filter element of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, jewelry dropped on the ground or in the gaps, such as earrings, diamonds, or dangerous objects dropped on the bed, such as pins and sand, can be carefully cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and finally searched carefully in the dust bucket, you can easily Find lost items.
Example 2: Cleaning Hidden Junk
Traditional household cleaning is mostly used for cleaning. However, when encountering some loose objects, cleaning becomes difficult. For example, the floor mat at the door of the house is often adhered to a large amount of dust, hair, sand, etc., and ordinary cleaning is basically ineffective. At this time, the vacuum cleaner is a good cleaning tool. With a simple suction, the floor mat can be restored to a neat and clean condition.
In recent years, many families have chosen diatom mud as the background wall decoration when decorating. Although diatom mud is beautiful, the uneven surface is also easy to accumulate dust, and it is difficult to clean. At this time, the vacuum cleaner will Comes in great use. After all, there are no gaps, air can't get in, and the loose diatom mud surface is more conducive to the absorption of dust. It couldn't be more appropriate.
In the same way, the vacuum cleaner can also clean objects that are difficult to clean on a daily basis, such as chandeliers, roofs, and air conditioner vents. Can achieve a multiplier effect.

Example 3: Vacuum-assisted storage
When spring comes every year, the little cuties with life experience will prepare several large vacuum bags to put away the quilts and down jackets that are not used at home, so that they are neat and do not take up space. However, vacuum bags are cumbersome and expensive to pump. In fact, find a few air-tight bags, put quilts, down jackets and other items, and then use a vacuum cleaner to easily complete the vacuuming operation, which is simple and labor-saving.
Example 4: Killing mosquitoes and spider webs
There are people and whole grains at home, and there are always some mosquitoes. Most of these mosquitoes are very sensitive and difficult to catch. They are killed by drugs and worry about the harm to the body, which makes people extremely annoying. At this time, you can use a vacuum cleaner to catch mosquitoes by surprise, which is clean and neat, which is better than all kinds of professional mosquito trapping tools.
Example 5: Cleaning of clean objects
Many people have wondered, do clean objects still need to be cleaned? The clean objects here are relative to the ground. The principle of the vacuum cleaner is negative pressure cleaning, which means that you don't have to worry about the same as the broom and dustpan when you use it. It will become dirty after use, making it difficult to clean the mattress. At present, many vacuum cleaners are equipped with a mite removal brush head, which can clean dust on mattresses, clothes, cribs, baby carriages, and car seats just by replacing the mite removal brush head.
You must know that there are 1.5 million dander cells shed by the human body in one night. Even on a seemingly clean bed, there are millions of mites being fed by you. How can you sleep at ease without removing the mites?
There are also curtains, which accumulate over time, and the curtains are often covered with dust, which cannot be cleaned, and they are slapped and eaten. With a vacuum cleaner, you can easily solve the problem of cleaning curtains and window screens.

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