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Is the car vacuum cleaner easy to use

I believe that the car is the "second home" of the car owner, and the hygiene in the car not only affects the driver's mood, but also brings a bad riding experience to the passengers (think about the messy environment when taking a female friend home for the first time) scary scene). To clean the sanitation in the car, vacuum cleaners are definitely used the most. There are also many car vacuum cleaners on the market, so car vacuum cleaners are easy to use. Is it necessary to buy it?
The principle of a vehicle vacuum cleaner
The principle of car vacuum cleaner is the same as that of ordinary household vacuum cleaner. Through the high-speed rotation of the internal motor of the vacuum cleaner (the speed can reach 20000-30000 rpm), the air is sucked from the suction port, and a certain amount of vacuum is generated in the dust box, so as to achieve the effect of adsorbing sundries, garbage and dust.
Are car vacuum cleaners easy to use?
Compared with ordinary household vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners are light in weight, small in size and easy to carry. In addition to taking electricity through the interface of the car cigarette lighter, some can also be powered by batteries, which greatly improves the flexibility of use, and can play a huge role in the daily cleaning of the car, and is very practical.