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How to use the car vacuum cleaner

We know that when it comes to cleaning up small litter or dust, using a vacuum cleaner can do more with less. When the scene is applied to the car, we can also buy a special car vacuum cleaner for cleaning. But how do car vacuum cleaners work? Will it hurt the car again?
The principle and use of car vacuum cleaner
in principle
The working principle of a car vacuum cleaner is not much different from that of an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. They are all through the high-speed rotation of the internal motor of the vacuum cleaner (the speed can reach 20000-30000 rpm), suck air from the suction port, and generate a certain amount of vacuum in the dust box, so as to achieve the effect of adsorbing small garbage and dust.
Car vacuum cleaners can be divided into two forms according to different power supply methods, namely built-in battery power supply and car cigarette lighter interface power supply.
Built-in battery power supply:
The built-in battery power supply is not disturbed by the wiring harness, which is highly flexible, but requires regular charging. Car cigarette lighter interface power supply:
When using the vacuum cleaner powered by the car cigarette lighter interface, it is plug and play without charging. However, be sure to calculate the length of the wire harness when purchasing (too short to limit the scope of use, too long to be difficult to arrange).
Did the car vacuum cleaner hurt the car?
Since the built-in battery powered vacuum cleaner is not connected to the vehicle, only a car vacuum cleaner that draws power through the cigarette lighter interface may affect the vehicle.
However, the vehicle will not be damaged as long as the following usage requirements are adhered to:
1. When using the car vacuum cleaner, be sure to start the engine, otherwise the battery may be powered off.
2. Since the maximum current that the car cigarette lighter circuit can withstand is 10A, taking an ordinary 12V power supply as an example, the maximum power that the cigarette lighter can withstand is 120W. Therefore, we must ensure that the power of the vacuum cleaner does not exceed 120 watts (including 120 watts) when purchasing, otherwise it will cause damage to the cigarette lighter circuit. Generally, the maximum power of the car vacuum cleaner is about 80W.