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Extend the life of your vacuum cleaner easily

Vacuum cleaners are nothing new these days. In recent years, they have become standard in many families, and even a family has several vacuum cleaners with different functions. However, when using a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis, users often pay little attention to its maintenance, thinking that the vacuum cleaner is just a garbage disposal, and the use is the same as the mop and broom before, only habitually using it and not maintaining it normally. . In fact, all electrical or electronic products need to be maintained. Besides, it is a cleaning product. It is in direct contact with dust, garbage and other items, and is easily contaminated with dust. Therefore, careful maintenance is required. Avoid it when it is dirty.
If you do not pay attention to maintenance, such sophisticated machines are prone to failure or even damage. At that time, not only money, but also the health of your family and the cleanliness of the environment will be lost. Therefore, when we use the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis, we should make the maintenance work routine, normal, and casual. Only by doing the daily maintenance and maintenance work can we effectively protect the vacuum cleaner and maximize the service life of the vacuum cleaner.
1. Handheld vacuum cleaner
Handheld vacuum cleaners are divided into wired and wireless types. In recent years, with the development of technology, wireless handheld vacuum cleaners have gradually become the mainstream products in the market, and the market share has increased year by year. Handheld vacuum cleaners can help us effectively clean the floor, and can quickly switch between handheld or upright modes, easily cleaning up to the ceiling, down to the bottom of the bed, and doors and windows in the middle. It is sought after by modern households.
As a new generation of high-tech products, its internal precision is also increasing day by day. Although the use of hand-held vacuum cleaners is convenient, its price is prohibitive for many families. Therefore, a family with a handheld vacuum cleaner should properly master its use skills and maintenance knowledge, so that the handheld vacuum cleaner can serve our family better and longer.
(1) Before using the hand-held vacuum cleaner, you should check the dust collector to see if there is any dirt that was not cleaned last time. If there is dust, it should be cleaned up in time, and the dust collector should be cleaned immediately after each use. , to prevent the dust and dirt from agglomerating due to moisture, blocking the air duct and eroding the motor.
(2) Check the brush roller and suction head in the brush head. If there is hair or dust sticking to the roller, and observe whether there is any dust residue in the suction head, remove it in time to ensure better effect next time.
(3) The vacuum cleaner will smell after being used for a long time. At this time, in addition to the fine dust in the filter screen, you can also take out the filter element in the middle of the vacuum cleaner, wash it with water and then dry it (must be completely dry, you can use heater blower). If you want a better smell, you can spritz a little perfume or a few drops of essential oil on the filter.
(4) In the process of use, it is recommended that the use time is generally not more than two hours. If the use time is too long, it will cause the interior of the vacuum cleaner to overheat and affect the life of the internal parts.
After use, let the vacuum cleaner cool down naturally, wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water, and then wipe it with a rag dipped in water for a while. When wiping the machine, pay attention to only use softer cloth, not Use a hard object such as steel wool, otherwise the appearance of the handheld vacuum can be easily damaged.
(5) Clean the dust collector after each use. When cleaning, first pour out the dirt inside, and then use a soft brush to brush off the dust attached to the inside of the dust collector. Then use a dry cloth to clean the inner wall of the cylinder and the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner. Remember, do not rinse the dust collector with water, because It has several metal contacts that oxidize easily after soaking in water. After wiping, place the hand-held vacuum cleaner in a dry and ventilated corner, not in a place with damp or corrosive gas.