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Details of the electric mop

TECHNICAL FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present utility model relates to household cleaning appliances, in particular to an electric mop, which is suitable for cleaning use in homes, offices and living environments. 2. Description of the Related Art As is well known, a mop is an indispensable tool for household cleaning of floors. The existing mop is mainly composed of a mop head with a cloth strip and a mop handle. When using this common mop to mop the floor, it is necessary to bend down and push the mop back and forth with force, and then forcefully twist the mop after mopping for a while, and then mop it again. The ground can be mopped cleanly after so many times, and people feel very tired every time after mopping the ground, and even have a feeling of backache and backache, which is caused by the imperfect structure of the existing mop.

However, so far, there has not been a mop that enables people to mop the floor easily, which has to be said to be a shortcoming of the prior art. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The purpose of the present invention is to reduce the labor intensity of mopping the floor, and to provide an electric mop. With this electric mop, people can mop the floor easily, efficiently and cleanly. The above tasks are achieved in this way: An electric mop, comprising a mop handle and a mop head with cloth strips, and is characterized by a mop cover and a motor, the mop head is circular, and the motor is arranged on the top of the mop cover The motor shaft passes through the central hole of the mop cover and is connected to the mop head placed in the mop cover, a connecting ear is arranged on the top surface of the mop cover, and the mop handle is hingedly connected to the mop cover with its front end joint and the connecting ear. Together, the switch for the motor is placed on the handle. The purpose of the present utility model can also be achieved by taking the following measures: the motor is preferably a DC motor, and the DC power source is arranged on the mop handle. Four wear-resistant protrusions are evenly arranged on the circumference of the bottom surface of the mop cover to reduce the friction between the mop cover and the ground.

There is also a sponge layer on the inner wall of the mop cover to further reduce noise. There is also a sponge strip on the outer edge of the bottom surface of the mop cover for cleaning the edge and corner of the wall. It can be seen from the above technical solutions that the mopping can be performed by simply starting the motor, easily holding the mop handle, and moving along the ground. Due to the high-speed rotation of the mop head, the ground is quickly wiped clean. After mopping, the mop head cover and the mop head can be automatically cleaned by placing the mop head in the bucket. water, and proceed to the next mopping, eliminating the laborious action of wringing out the existing mop by hand.