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Can the electric mop use tap water

Electric mop is the newest type of household appliance in modern times. Generally speaking, it can use tap water. When cleaning, it is mainly based on ordinary tap water. It is not suitable to add detergent or soapy water in the process. It is economical and economical. Affordable, and does not need to add other cleaning agents, completely in line with economic principles.
You can unscrew the safety cap from top to bottom when in use, pour in an appropriate amount of water as required, but not too much, and then connect the power plug, the power indicator will light up, wait for 3 to 4 minutes, press and hold the steam jet button, it can be used after spraying steam.
It can not only remove the dirt and impurities on the ground, but also effectively remove the oil stains in the kitchen. The high-temperature steam can be used to remove the oil stains, so that the effect of sterilization will be more lasting, but the electric mop can be cleaned after cleaning. Keep the cleaner for a period of time, let the machine cool down slowly, and keep it in a cool environment.