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Car vacuum cleaners generally have enough suction power

It stands to reason that the greater the power, the greater the air pressure difference generated by the vacuum cleaner and the stronger the suction. But not all cars choose a vacuum cleaner with higher power, because the rated power of each car will be different. If the rated power of the car is small, using a vacuum cleaner with too much power will easily burn out the socket of the car.

Precautions for the use of car vacuum cleaners
When the car vacuum cleaner is used for a short time, you can turn the car key to the ON position and then plug it into the cigarette lighter. However, if it is used for a long time, more than 5 minutes, in order to protect the car battery, start the vehicle and use it again. Vacuum cleaner.

Check the power supply of the car vacuum cleaner: Before using the car vacuum cleaner, check whether the fuse of the power supply can carry the current for starting and working of the car vacuum cleaner.