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Advantages of electric mops

1. It saves effort and time than traditional mops. The motor will drive the mop to rotate or vibrate at high frequency, and wipe the floor back and forth more than 15 times in 1 second. and
And you don't have to bend down when you mop the floor, you can operate in standing mode, and you can even release one hand to swipe your phone. Senior One
Some of them have an automatic power assist function, which is particularly labor-saving to use.
2. The cleaning ability of the electric mop is much stronger than that of the traditional mop. Traditional mops are not only laborious, but also difficult to clean, especially when stubborn stains are encountered.
It is not clean to mop back and forth. The friction force of the mop of the electric mop on the ground is greater and the frequency is higher, even more than 50 times that of manual work.
Of course it's a lot cleaner than doing it yourself.
3. The mop has strong water absorption capacity and less residual water on the floor. After the traditional mop has finished mopping the floor, the room sometimes has a "water smell", which is very large
Most of the reasons are water quality and mop bacteria breeding. Keep the floor dry after mopping, otherwise bacteria will grow in large numbers and there will be a "watery smell",
This requires the mop to have a strong water absorption capacity, and the mop puts a lot of pressure on the floor.
4, strong self-cleaning ability, do not wash the mop by hand. It's very annoying to wash the mop by hand when I'm tired after mopping the floor. Advanced electric motor
Mops (also called scrubbers/mopping machines) have a self-cleaning function, which automatically cleans the mop while mopping and after mopping, which is very refreshing.