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When you are fed up with the pseudo-technology of various vacuum cleaners, it's time to look at the real technology!

In the eyes of modern people, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, cleaning and sanitation is simply a trivial matter!
But slowly you find that the vacuum cleaner in your hand always seems to be out of place, and small things are slowly accumulating into big headaches! What's wrong with this "hoarse" vacuum cleaner in your hand?
Choose the right vacuum cleaner and remember the following 5 core keywords!
Various functions known as "black technology" make people overwhelmed, but when you really get started, there are all kinds of experiences that make people enter the pit-it can intelligently recognize dust, but it can’t be seen cleanly; the design is lightweight, But the endurance is greatly reduced; the inhaled dust is locked, but the gray is completely exposed...
All kinds of pseudo-"black technologies" seem to make us forget that "suction" is the core criterion for the performance of a vacuum cleaner.
AW and Pa are stupidly confused? How to see the suction index of the vacuum cleaner?
We will see the two indicators "AW" and "Pa" on the promotional pages of many vacuum cleaners on the market. In fact, the "AW" indicator commonly used in the vacuum cleaner industry is called "Air Watt" in Chinese. Its measurement standard is air flow x vacuum degree, which not only reflects air flow (L/s), but also reflects vacuum degree (suction, kPa).
Vacuum cleaners that are not durable are hooligans. The wireless of the vacuum cleaner seems to be simple and simple, but it directly cuts off the battery life. The Beijing Consumers Association once carried out a comparative test of household handheld wireless vacuum cleaners. Many large suction vacuum cleaners have a long charging time, but the battery life is not strong, and it may be fully charged, but it will be NG when cleaned to half of the maximum suction power.
Vacuuming is cool for a while, cleaning the crematorium, who is the vacuum cleaner?
Data show that today the proportion of unqualified indoor air is as high as 74%. In addition to formaldehyde and PM 2.5 as pollution sources, there are vacuum cleaners that should be used for cleaning! Studies have found that because the body and filter of many vacuum cleaners cannot be completely airtight, and the filter is aging, they will vacuum and discharge bacteria-laden dust, aggravating indoor air pollution and easily triggering asthma and allergies. And other diseases.
The plastic dust box of some vacuum cleaners is like a large bacterial culture dish. If the dust box is not cleaned up in time after cleaning, the dirt sucked in will breed various harmful germs under the appropriate temperature and humidity, and it will emit a bad smell when it is turned on. . Even if you finish cleaning and clean up in time, the moment you open the dust box, you immediately become a "human body vacuum cleaner".
If you can breathe in front of you, the others can only be left out of sight.
The concept of "deep cleaning" has gradually become the key word of household cleaning, but it is too troublesome in actual operation. The complexity of cleaning is due to the fact that there are too many places to be cleaned; the other is that the process is too cumbersome, the cleaning is clean, and the waist is broken.
At this time, looking at the vacuum cleaners that I used to buy with enthusiasm, either it was not useful, or there were a lot of accessories but they were not easy to use. As a result, the ground simply sucked and I didn't see it in other places.
The vacuum cleaner is not a mobile phone, so it needs to be replaced every two years?
As a cleaning home appliance, the basic function of vacuum cleaners is relatively single. According to relevant research data, the market size of cordless vacuum cleaners accounts for as high as 40%, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 50% [4]. Mite removal function, light weight, battery life and even artificial intelligence technology have become the new selling point of each upgrade of vacuum cleaners, which greatly encourages consumers to replace them every year.
Moreover, many people spend a lot of money, even the vacuum cleaners bought by banks in installments. After just one or two years of use, various small conditions may follow one after another-the suction power is reduced, the parts and batteries in the fuselage are worn out, and the cost of replacement parts is also high. It will be replaced after two years. After reading the propaganda about the skyflowers, think about it calmly, is it really necessary to replace it in one or two years? Even if I acquiesced in my heart, the wallet would not agree!
Seeing this, you probably already understand that when we are buying a vacuum cleaner, please set the filter criteria to: "large suction", "easy and durable", "no need to pour dust", "multi-face cleaning expert", and "super durable". Core keywords!