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What is the difference between the traditional mite removal method and the mite removal instrument

The size of mites is very small and invisible to the naked eye. The most important thing is that it has a certain impact on people's health and is not conducive to people's healthy life, especially for people who are prone to allergies. important. So how can we effectively get rid of mites? What is the difference between traditional mite removal and mite removal with a mite removal instrument? Which way is better?
The easiest and traditional and effective way to get rid of mites is to expose the quilt in the sun. And the "scent of the sun" that we often mention after drying the quilt is actually the smell of the mites being killed. A certain intensity of ultraviolet radiation can kill mites, and when the quilt is exposed to the sun, the moisture in the quilt will evaporate quickly. When the humidity in the cotton wool is lower than a certain percentage, the dry environment will no longer be suitable for mites to survive. When the air humidity is lower than 60%, the mites cannot survive, so keeping the room ventilated and dry is an effective and easy way to maintain hygiene.
However, we know that the reproductive ability of mites is very strong, and it is even more difficult for people who are busy with work to dry the quilt; and the cleaning of sofas, another high incidence of mites, is even more difficult; and the Jiangnan area has a long history. How can we ensure that the humidity is below 60% in cloudy and rainy days? How to dry the quilt? Therefore, the traditional method of removing mites has great limitations, and it is difficult to solve the mites from the root cause due to the influence of force majeure.
The mite removal instrument is a high-tech household appliance product developed by modern society and technology. Its operating principle is to use ultrasonic technology to interfere with its physiological functions, make it feel "scared" and escape or be killed, and use strong suction to remove mites and other bedding. All the dust and rubbish are sucked into the dust collection room of the mite removal instrument, which avoids the impact of allergens such as mite corpses, excrement, dust, etc. on people's health, and eliminates the possibility of mite survival from the source.
Most of the brushes equipped with the cleaning head at the bottom of the mite remover Electric Mops are made according to the prescribed techniques, which can effectively remove mites without harming textiles such as sheets, and the operation and use of the mite remover is very simple, not only It can be used on bedding, sofas, curtains, plush toys and other textiles, making it easier and more efficient to remove mites.