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Suck and mop the floor more thoroughly

Vacuuming and mopping, and dry cleaning of the floors are usually done together. Many people buy two of the vacuum cleaners and electric mops at home, which is a bit cumbersome at home. Can't a vacuum cleaner and an electric mop be combined? When the broom sweeps the floor, dust will inevitably be raised. You think the ground you have swept is clean, but in fact, after you have swept the dust, there will still be a layer of fine floating dust on the ground. Although you can't see these floating dust with the naked eye, you can feel it when you mop the floor: if you can't mop it once, you have to mop it twice.

To drag these 4 words twice is a nightmare for everyone. If you don't want to change it a second time when you make a PPT, are you willing to mop the floor a few more times? Therefore, vacuum cleaners and electric mops are necessary. The drum of the vacuum cleaner is the scavenger of the dust in the house. There will be dust that is swept up by the broom, but the drum will not. If it rolls over, it will be collected according to the order. Before I didn't buy a vacuum cleaner, I had to mop the floor 3 times each time, because every time I mopped, I would see a lump of hair and wet dust on the sponge mop. But since using the vacuum cleaner, let alone the dust when mopping the floor, even the water squeezed out by the mop is not so dark. After the vacuum cleaner sucks, the protagonist becomes an electric mop.

The place that has been vacuumed beforehand is easy to clean. For some stubborn stains, such as oil stains dried in the kitchen, it is very labor-saving to use an electric mop, and the mop will dry after two more rubs, without you needing to wipe it back and forth. And when you want to clean the greasy floor, you can pour some cleaning liquid on the ground, and use the tireless electric mop to do a big cleaning. In addition to being able to make a splash on the floor, it is also equipped with a crevice suction head and bed dust removal. It can clean the dust in the crevices and corners and the mites and dander on the bed. With it, it is not a problem to do most of the housework at home.