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Do mite vacuum cleaners work

Can the mite removal vacuum cleaner really remove mites? As a popular mite removal product in recent years, its effect is definitely there, but the specific effect should be determined according to the design and quality of the product.
The purpose of removing mites is not to kill mites, of course, to remove the corpses of mites and their excrement, and to remove the dander from human metabolism.
Dander and even the debris of snacks are food for mites, and the corpses and excrement of mites are the source of allergies.
If the dander can be removed as much as possible, the number of mites will be controlled. If the dead mites and their excrement can be removed in time, the possibility of skin allergies can be reduced.
Therefore, vacuum cleaners for removing mites have been widely welcomed in recent years.
In order to achieve a better effect of removing mites, vacuum cleaner products used for removing mites should start from two aspects: one is suction, and the other is suction while shooting