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Cognitive misunderstandings of wireless vacuum cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners, also known as hand-held vacuum cleaners and stick-type vacuum cleaners, are a new type of vacuum cleaner that can complete the vacuuming work without a power cord. Like a mobile phone, it uses a charger to keep the machine running. Generally, it takes 4-10 hours to complete the charging, and it can work continuously for 20-40 minutes.
At present, the main wireless vacuum cleaners on the market have the characteristics of free cleaning without power limitation, easy to use and easy to clean small parts. Take the LG Cord Zero wireless vacuum cleaner as an example with the latest two products, the wireless vertical handheld two-in-one The vacuum cleaner's wireless vacuuming design allows consumers to get rid of the shackles of the power cord, without having to search for power everywhere, and without worrying about the baby at home being tripped by the wire, vacuuming is more convenient and easier; as a wireless vacuum cleaner, its 60min ultra The long battery life is also commendable, avoiding the embarrassment of the previous wireless vacuum cleaner requiring multiple charging for one cleaning, and greatly shortening the cleaning time.
Cognitive misunderstanding:
Since the cordless vacuum cleaner is a brand new type of vacuum cleaner, there are still some misunderstandings about the consumer's understanding of the cordless vacuum cleaner.
Myth 1: The suction power of wireless vacuum cleaners is very small, and the vacuuming effect is worse than that of traditional vacuum cleaners.
Correction: The suction power of the cordless vacuum cleaner is completely comparable to that of the wired model. The cordless vacuum cleaner rotates at a high speed through the motor (the speed can reach the speed of the racing engine), which can provide strong suction power, and even the stubborn dust can be sucked away.
Myth 2: Cordless vacuum cleaners are only used for a few minutes and are not practical.
Correction: The wireless vacuum cleaner keeps the machine running by charging the battery. The high-saving capacity battery can avoid leakage and discharge, and the one-time use time can be maintained for about 30 minutes.